What We Do

Our Approach to Success

What We Do

We offer comprehensive support, starting from becoming agents for lifestyle brands to designing, marketing, promoting, and even planning and manufacturing products, with a focus on branding-centered sales strategies.

Brand Design

We create designs in various formats, ranging from web and catalog designs to logos.
We specialize in brand production planning and also cater to client needs for event space displays such as pop-up shops, tailoring our services accordingly.


We deliver a wide range of lifestyle items from various countries around the world, spanning from fragrances and skincare to body care and fashion. While cherishing the essence of each brand, we engage in sales activities tailored to the image and style of the brand, including proposing displays, targeting top-tier stores domestically and internationally, as well as expanding into online platforms and popup stores all over Japan.


We plan marketing strategies and effective promotions tailored to the stage of the brand, such as new product launches and seasonal campaigns. We conduct sales activities targeting stores that align with the branding, as well as planning displays and pop-up events tailored to the season or new releases. In addition to devising and managing web and social media strategies, we also showcase our offerings at our in-house showroom in Harajuku, and engage in influencer gifting, aiming to create a new world view and added value, and establish the brand’s position.

Online Store

The online store ‘Koala Kicks’ is the official Japanese store for imported lifestyle brands, selling their products. Besides, Koala Kicks makes and sells its own original items both within Japan and overseas.


‘KOALA BEAUTY’ is an online beauty shop that enhances daily life with delightful scents. Our fragrances aim to create days where you can discover a new side of yourself.



BANYA Co., Ltd., an associated company of RAZYWORKS INC., have a diverse range of unique products, like accessories, clothing, corporate gifts, and special edition items. We take care of everything from suggesting ideas to making and delivering the products. Our international team stays in close touch with factories in China and other countries, helping with planning, making, and shipping. With our connections worldwide, including Europe, America, and China, we can even help create custom fragrances.