MADE BY YOKE @ aya fes 2023



MADE BY YOKE will be exhibited at "aya fes 2023”, a yoga event by popular yoga creator aya, will be introduced as her favorite brand.

Aya usually have  yoga lessons online and has been sending out informations on social media about beauty and health.

At "aya fes," which marks its third anniversary this year, there will be a talk event with a yoga expert, as well as booths by aya's favorite brands.

aya / avex management

♦︎The only fast yoga creator in Japan who has taught a total of 400,000 Japanese women

♦︎Has written 4 books. Two of her books have been ranked No.1 on amazon.

The book "Back Revolution," which focuses on your back, has been reprinted 15 times and is so popular that it has been translated overseas.

♦︎Based on her experience of dieting when she was young, she developed her original ayayoga method that combines not only yoga but also the latest American fitness, rehabilitation, anatomy, and ballet training to achieve the ideal "thin but feminine and supple body" for Japanese women.

♦︎The unique method, which not only aligns the muscles but also the skeletal structure, has been frequently featured on TV as "high-speed yoga".

今年もMalie Organicsの夏がやってきた!ハワイフェア総力特集


The Hawaii Fair in Japan is a very popular event for Hawaii lovers, where popular stores from all over Hawaii take part.

This summer, Malie Organics will be participated in Hawaii Fairs throughout Japan as one of Hawaii's leading fragrance brands!

A new body care product for loco girls who love summer and the sun!

A new type of body butter that melts in the shower, the "Butter Bun" will be launched soon.

The "Mango Butter Bun," which is popular in Hawaii, will be available in a new lineup of five new fragrances, including Plumeria and Pikake!

Butter Bunn is rich in moisture and is packed with the bounty of Hawaii's great nature.

It leaves skin moist but not sticky, and its lightweight feel makes it easy to use even in the summer.

Malie's commitment to high-quality, naturally-derived ingredients is also evident in the Butter Bun.

It contains mango butter, which is excellent for repairing sun-damaged skin, cocoa butter, which is highly moisturizing, turmeric, which protects skin from UV rays, and vitamin E, which treats wrinkles, creating moist, glowing skin that shines in the summer sun.

It is very easy and simple to use.

When you take a bath, wet the body with warm water (e.g., in the shower) , and when the surface becomes smooth, apply it directly to the skin and massage it in. (*No need to rinse off).

You will enjoy the sweet tropical fragrance on your skin, along with plenty of moisture.

In the coming season, when UV damage is a concern, enjoy a new skincare experience with a tropical fragrance only Malie Organics can provide, while being enveloped in a new skincare experience for the sun-loving Hawaiian Loco Girl.

The Malie Organics Hawaii Fair limited edition tote bag!

This year, Malie Organics offers the original tote bag with beautiful green color tassels for purchases of 13,200 yen (tax included) or more!

It has double-sided design features a map of the Hawaiian islands and the Malie boutique name printed on. It will make you feel like you're shopping in Hawaii👏✨.

The reverse side features a gorgeous gold, cute Malie logo.

The quantity of the bags will be limited at each of Hawaii fair, so please make sure to get yours!

Please note that the giveaway will end as soon as they are gone.

Here is the schedule of Hawaii fairs in May!
We all are looking forward seeing you!

Interview with LUMIRA(Creative Directer / ALMIRA ARMSTRONG)


"LUMIRA" is the fragrance brand from Sydny Austraria, with the theme of "Traveling Fragrance," which expresses the cities visited on the trip and their memories.

We interviewed ALMIRA ARMSTRONG, creative director and working mother, about her family's memories of fragrance and her lifestyle with fragrance.

Q:LUMIRA has developed many fragrances that express memories of travels and the cities you have visited. 

After becoming a mother, your preferences for fragrances or the scents that you create have changed? 

A:Creating a new fragrance always begins with an inspiration; it might be an image, a memory or even just a notion.  This inspiration is developed and refined until we have a physical product, which echoes that original influence. The time from concept to finished product can take anywhere from six to twelve months, depending on the scarcity of the ingredients required for the perfume.

Becoming a mother hasn’t changed this, as we continue to travel as a family which makes the scent creation and memories even more special.

My current favorite product is the La Primavera Parfum.  I’m immediately transported back to many Summers spent with family and friends in Italy.

[LUMIRA] eau de parfum LA PRIMAVERA ¥ 15,950(税込)

Q:How do you switch between "mother" and “yourself" in your daily life?

Please tell us about the timing or the moments when you switch, along with your scent recommendations.

A:Being a busy mum and always on the go, I like to make sure I make time for myself and restoring my equilibrium. I like meditating in the morning, going for long walks or doing a workout with F45 to get my day started.  


Q:Which of LUMIRA's fragrances that have particular episodes or memories with your family?

Please also tell us how and in what situations you use these scents in your daily life?

A:Annual family holidays in Europe - the sweet, earthy aroma of the mountains, as we drove the winding roads towards Italy. The scent of the ocean always brings back memories of family, good food and the warmth of the sun on my skin. Paradiso Del Sole is inspired by the Amalfi Coast, Italy, the scent instantly transports me back in time. 

I always start my morning by spraying the Paradiso del Sole Room Spray across the living room.  It is a scent that awakens the morning senses.

[LUMIRA] Interior Scent “PARADISO DEL SOLE” ¥ 10,725(税込)

I love taking hot relaxing baths, I light my LUMIRA candle and dim the lights which makes for a really calming atmosphere. I think selfcare is so important especially in times like this where everything is slightly more chaotic. 

[LUMIRA] Candle  ¥ 10,010(税込)

Before I leave home, I always spritz the Cuban Tobacco Parfum on my wrists and neck.

I journal when I get the time in the morning, this helps to get all my thoughts and ideas down on paper first thing before my day gets busy! I am loving our Scented Journal – the Cuban Tobacco fragrance takes me back to some of my favourite memories.

[LUMIRA] Eau de Parfum “CUBAN TOBACCO” ¥ 15,950(税込)

Q:When you develop the products how you reflect or would like to reflect the perspective of the social contribution or SDGs in your product creation,especially when you think about the next young generation.

A:We create luxury niche fragrances for the home and the self, using the very finest ingredients. We’re also guided by sustainable production principles and an ethical commitment to human rights. Our candles use only natural soy coconut wax and the beautiful fragrance oils that give each candle and perfume oil its unique scent are all ethically sourced.



LUMIRA is the fragrance brand from Sydney, Australia, created by designer and entrepreneur Almira Armstrong.

After working in fashion PR, Almira started her own multiple businesses simultaneously, and as they expanded, she began to travel the world, London, Los Angeles, and New York on business. LUMIRA includes a line of fragrances with a unique appeal that expresses the cities visited and the memories of those trips, with the theme of "scents that travel".

LUMIRA offers wide range of high-quality, well-designed items that will enrich your daily life, the signature fragrance candles, unisex fragrances, perfume oils, hand soaps, and other high-quality, well-designed items that enrich your daily life through the scents.

Mother’s Day Gift Box in Isetan Shinjuku Beauty Apothecary


Mother's Day this year is on Sunday, May 14th. 

A collaboration box by a flower design studio in Nakameguro “MUNSELL”, and a natural body care brand from California “kai”, will be available at Isetan Shinjuku store!

As a recommended gift item for Mother's Day, “Plumeria shampoo & conditioner” from Malie Organics which has just released on April 28th will make its first appearance at Isetan Shinjuku!

In addition, other brands will be offering the gift box of the staff’s recommended products, such as the No.1 repeated scent “IF” aromatic pad from APOTHIA, hand wash set with its chic bottle and unique scent from LUMIRA. 

Date: 2023. May 10th(Wed) ~ May 16th(Tue)

Place: Isetan Shinjuku B2F Beauty Apothecary

A special fragrance gift to give thankful.

Will be looking forward to seeing you at the store!

Malie Organics @ALOHA TOKYO 2023


Malie Organics will make its first appearance at one of the largest Hawaiian event "ALOHA TOKYO 2023”! 

At this event, we will introduce a selection of popular items from Malie Organics!

The lineup includes many items you may enjoy and relax with the tropical scent , such as diffuser and body lotion which is recommended for using after bath.

In addition, the newly released Plumeria shampoo and conditioner and pineapple body care items, which were very popular last year, will be available again in limited quantities🍍.

We look forward to seeing you in the bright and open atmosphere of ALOHA TOKYO with the fragrance of Hawaii.

【ALOHA TOKYO 2023 Event Details】

・Date:2023 May 19th(Fri), 20th(Sat), 21st(Sun)

・Place:Ebisu Garden Place(Shibuya-ku Ebisu 4-20-3 Tokyo)

・Time:10:00 a.m〜20:00 p.m



I AM THE 1 POP UP SHOP@ LOFT Tenjin, Fukuoka


I AM THE 1 POP UP SHOP @ Tenjin Loft

I AM THE 1 POP UP SHOP will be held at Tenjin Loft in Fukuoka!

The shop will be opened in Tenjin LOFT in Fukuoka, which will be reborn as the first new urban-type store of LOFT!

At the store, you will find trendy motif rings, colorful and large earrings, necklaces recommended for layering, and more.

In addition, hair accessories selected by SHACHU, a hair salon in Shibuya that is always popular for its trendy hairstyles with unicorn colors, are also available!

Please come and find the colorful POP accessories!

Period:April 28th (Fri) ~ May 14th (Sun), 2023

MOTHER’S DAY Flower Gift Box from “kai” x “MUNSELL”


Sunday, May 14 is a Mother's Day.

KOALA BEAUTY will be offering its first floral gift!

The flower gift box is a collaboration between flower design studio "MUNSELL" and our brand "kai".

Inside the gift box, there are the flowers inspired by kai fragrance, and each flower is individually arranged by floral artist Mr. Shu Umezawa, MUNSELL's owner.

MUNSELL is a floral design studio in Nakameguro, Tokyo, with the concept of "a flower shop that sometimes does not sell flowers”.

Inside the gift box are laid out flowers made from a combination of dried and preserved flowers that can also be displayed without the hand cream.

The flowers, unified in light tones, are easy to blend in with interior decorations and can be displayed with the same joyful feelings you had when you received the gift.

The kai hand cream set together is one of the most popular Mother's Day gift items!

The highly moisturizing shea butter-based cream gently cares for the skin on the hands, and the pleasant fragrance that envelops the hands soothes the soul.

The flower gift box is available in three types.

We will accept pre-orders from April 8 (Sat) to April 20 (Thu) at:


・MUNSELL's official store

They will also be available at Beauty Apothecary on the B2F of Isetan Shinjuku Main Bldg from May 10 (Wed.) to 16 (Tue.).

Both are available in limited quantities, so be sure to get in early!

◆ ​kai hand cream × MUNSELL ¥ 7,480(tax-in)

◆ kai handcream "*rose" × MUNSELL ¥ 7,480(tax-in)

◆ kai handcream duo× MUNSELL ¥ 11,330(tax-in)

"Standard flowers are nice, but this year we want to send something extra."

"Want to send a relaxing fragrance, as much as to send flowers!"

Why not send a Mother's Day gift from KOALA BEAUTY Online Store this year that will make your wishes come true!


Flower design studio "MUNSELL”

Flower design studio with the concept of "a flower shop that doesn't sell flowers sometimes.”

In addition to selling fresh flowers, it changes as an exhibition space for artists and an event space.

Owner and floral artist Mr. Shu Umezawa opened MUNSELL in 2018 after graduating from Musashino Art University, where he learned about flowers through ikebana(Japanese flower arrangement) and art activities.

He is also working as an artist, exploring the possibilities of flowers, and perceiving flowers from a new point of view.

Venue: 2-13-28 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0063  

Tel. 03-6712-2345

Official website:

Official Instagram:

🌺Malie Organics POP UP SHOP @ KOBE HANKYU🌺


Malie Organics will make a POP UP SHOP from 4/26 (Wed) to 5/2 (Tue) at the HANKYU BEAUTY promotion space on the 2nd floor of the Kobe Hankyu main building!

At the venue, you can find your favorite fragrances at the "TRY ME" counter, where you can try out the scents of room diffusers, and also find a wide range of popular body care items, such as body lotions and perfume oils!

We are looking forward to seeing you with relaxing tropical scents.

Period:April 26 (Wed)〜May 2 (Tue)

Venue:KOBE HANKYU 2nd Floor "HANKYU BEAUTY Promotion space"